7000 LB E-Drive Unit

The innovative E-drive is a totally enclosed flat plate lift system driven by state-of- the-art oil bath gear reducer. Our drive allows for direct incorporation to the drive shaft, powered by a 3/4 hp motor.  A totally enclosed drive system engineered specifically for the boat lift application.




  • Engineered specifically for boat lift application
  • Maintenance-free enclosed flat plates
  • Smoother, noise-free operation
  • Eliminates failure due to slipping or broken belts




  • 12 inch diameter 384:1 gears
  • Customized electrical harnesses designed specifically for boat lifts
  • Motors are TENV.
  • Oil/grease inspection port
  • Four point attachment mounts
  • Painted motors are protected with optimal UV resilient plastic cover
  • 5 year warranty on gears and housing

**This is with 8 FT of wire**

**E-Drives use 12/5 wire which is a thicker wire.  For extra wire it's $2.39 per foot**

7000 LB E-Drive Unit
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Price $939.00
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